Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Pete's Gluten Free Standards

Sweet Pete's is pleased to offer a wide variety of gluten free sweets. We value our gluten free customers and strive to provide them with delicious, safe products.

Currently, there is no government review process for restaurants that offer gluten free fare. We understand that this lack of policy makes it difficult for consumers to feel comfortable enjoying their favorite gluten free foods.

Sweet Pete's carries a large variety of products. Many of the items available on our candy carousel contain gluten. Since the candy carousel items share scoops, all of the unwrapped products on the carousel are at risk for cross contamination. We keep clean, uncontaminated gummies, gumballs and jelly beans in the kitchen. If gluten is a concern for you please ask our staff to package you product from the kitchen.

All of the chocolate, taffy, ,marshmallow, nougat, lollipops, candy canes, peanut butter products and caramel produced in Sweet Pete's kitchen are gluten free. We only dip gluten free cookies, crackers and pretzels. This helps us prevent any gluten contamination in our chocolate.

Sweet Pete's Raw Dipped Items:
Cookies and Crackers- Kinnikinnick Brand
Pretzels- Snyders Gluten Free or Glutino
Chips- Cape Cod Original

We are committed to serving the gluten free population and will continue to focus on maintaining a safe, gluten free kitchen. Please contact us directly if you have additional questions about our kitchen protocol.


  1. I am very much impressed from your post.It has amazing information.I learned lot of new things which explores my knowledge in various developments.Its really a nice review..

  2. We are pleased Sweet Pete's is committed to keeping the celiac and gluten sensitive community safe! Hope to stop by one of your locations soon!

    Paula Gardner