Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Art Show @ Sweet Pete's!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to support local artists by hosting a Sweet Jacksonville Art Show. We were so lucky to meet one of our wonderful customers who also curates art shows and volunteered to help us put our show together. We are thrilled with all of the work she has done. Below is a guest blog by Deborah Reid about the upcoming show. Thanks Deborah!

I was introduced to Sweet Pete’s when some local artists and I were invited to display our painted pumpkins there last Halloween. For me, it was love at first sight – a super cool and colorful restored Victorian filled with salty caramels, chocolate and other delectables.

I have since attended some other terrific events there. Each one was creative, delicious and lots of fun. Needless to say, I was delighted when I was asked to curate the Art Show at this terrific venue. As you will see, Sweet Pete’s was inspirational to other artists as well.

From Bronwen Chandler’s lovely rendition of the candy jars, Jami Childers’s lollipops and bubble gum, the show moves on to some other Jacksonville highlights. Ashley Sowers will exhibit her surreal photos of the monorail and Florida Theater. I included my interpretations our city’s bridges. There are some beautiful sky lines as well. Jacksonville’s natural beauty is showcased in Barbara Fryefield’s beaches and Marie Thompson’s live oaks.

Melanie Palmrose’s all natural hypertufa pots embedded with caramel swirl tiles and Leah Fox’s ceramic barnacles will also featured at the show. There will be cool jewelry, cupcake cards by Nancy Asbell and some other great work by a dozen or more other more local artists.

Fainted Paces will be playing on the porch. They will be pouring cotton candy and chocolate martinis inside. It promises to be a sweet evening. Hope you can be there.

Deborah R. Reid is a lifelong painter and a practicing attorney. Her work is largely based on her own photographs which she interprets in a combination of oil, acrylic, egg shell and ink. Deborah curates monthly art shows at the Zodiac Grill on Adams Street as a fundraiser for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. Her work can be seen there and at Fireflies on San Jose. Deborah is a seasoned litigator with the Jacksonville office of Rumrell & Brock. Prior to joining the Florida Bar, she practiced in California, New Jersey and New York.

Thursday 8/11
Sweet Pete's
1922 N. Pearl St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

List of Artists
Barbara Fryefield – Painter
Bob Aguilar – Painter
Carol Todd - Watercolorist
Deborah Reid – Paintings and Painted Clocks
Marie Thompson - Painter
Nada Frazier – Photographer
Bronwyn Chandler – Photographer
Leah Fox – Ceramics and Sculptor
Joanelle Mulrain – Painter
Jamie Childers – Painter
Melissa Mejia – Painter
Artefax Redux – Jewelry Paula Foster – Painter
Rick Wilkerson – Photographer, Cards
Melanie Palmrose – Handmade Pots
Julie Fetzer - Watercolor prints and Photos
Miles Batt – Brightly Colored Prints
Marcie Beeching – Painter

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