Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Gluten Free Dieting a Trend?

Sweet Pete's offers only All Natural sweets. We are proud to have a gluten free kitchen. We focus on creating sweets that taste as good if not better than the artificial sweets. Because of the taste of our treats we have a lot of cross over customers that are shopping on taste and are not concerned about all natural, vegan or gluten free products.

Many of these customers ask us why gluten free is such a big deal now. Is it a trend? We recently came across a great article that helps explain why gluten intolerance is more prevalent than it once was.

Enjoy the article and video. We hope it sheds some light on gluten free diets.

Sweet Pete's

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Strawberries are Locally Grown!

Sweet Pete’s, All Natural Sweet Shoppe is proud to offer All Natural, Locally Grown strawberries. Peter Behringer, founder of Sweet Pete’s believes in supporting locally owned businesses.

Sweet Pete’s is partnering with local farm, Kings Country Produce to create our All Natural Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Kings Country, owner Tommy King says the farm has been in his family for over 40 years. Since the berries are grown in Lawtey, they are picked as close to Valentine’s Day as possible to ensure the freshest possible berry.

Sweet Pete’s chocolate dipped berries are all natural and gluten free. The dark chocolate dipped berries are also vegan. Strawberries are packed in a red box with a heart shaped window and sell for $14.00 for 8 to 10 berries. Order on line at to schedule a pick up or delivery, call Sweet Pete’s at 904-376-7161 or stop by the shoppe to pick up your berries and other all natural sweets!

Where You Purchase Matters:

For every $100.00 spent this much returns to your community:

Locally owned, independent, brick and mortar store: $68.00
National chain or big box store: $43.00
Online Store (unless you live in a very small place): $0

Sunday, January 8, 2012


At Sweet Pete’s, Pure, Simple Sweets, we strive to strike a balance between great taste and keeping all of our products all natural. In 2011 we were continually reminded that all of our products needed to taste great. If the taste is not there, the customer won’t be either. We are happy to announce that all of our all natural, vegan and gluten free treats and gifts sold briskly during the holiday season. We believe that this is because our products taste great and, secondarily, achieve our customers’ varied dietary needs. We are excited about launching a series of new all natural sweet treats in the new year, paying special attention to gluten free and vegan candies. We wish everyone the best in the new year!