Thursday, March 17, 2011

Savannah Bee Company

Sweet Pete's is very excited to carry our new line of honey from Savannah Bee Company. All of the honey is delicious and it has been exciting to learn all about Nature's best sweetener from the Savannah Bee Company. I am so excited about our new partnership with Savannah Bee Company that I have asked them to guest blog this week.

Savannah Bee Company is a specialty honey company located in Savannah, Georgia. One of our missions is to show others the variety of ways our honeys can be enjoyed. Many people love honey in their tea and on toast, but what about honey on a pork tenderloin or in vinaigrette salad dressings?
One our favorite times to show off honey and its versatility is when entertaining friends. On our website ( we have a number of recipes that use honey in many different ways. Gorgonzola cheese stuffed figs with Cheese Honey drizzled over the top, Butternut Squash Soup, Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Honey, Glazed Salmon, and our version of the mojito, a Tupelojito, are just a few of the ideas we’ve put on our website.
One of the most unique, popular, and easy appetizers we recommend is the Savannah Bee Honeycomb Platter. The ingredients are fresh and simple: Savannah Bee honeycomb, green apple slices and other fruits; our favorites are strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, fresh baguette slices, and one or two fresh local cheeses. Our Flagship Store on Broughton Street in Savannah purchases cheese to sample on our honeycomb platter from two very excellent and local cheesemakers. Any fine cheese will pair well with the tart apples and sweet honeycomb. We love a sharp blue, Gouda, cheddar, goat, or Brie cheese. Feel free to sprinkle chopped rosemary, walnuts, or almonds over the top of the honeycomb.
Next time you are entertaining, try a little honey. Put together your own honeycomb platter, try your hand at cheese stuffed figs, or play bartender with our delicious Tupelojito! Honey is great, simple, healthy ingredient that is sure to impress.

To learn more about honey and the Savannah Bee Company join us at our March honey events:

3/24 5:00-8:00 pm
Free Honey, Cheese and Wine Tasting
Meet Savannah Bee Company's honey experts
Honey Recipes
Paint a ceramic honey pot with Morning Glory Fire Arts ($15.00)

3/26 Free Beepalooza 6:00-9:00
6:00 The 2011 Florida Honey Queen Jayla Gillespie
The Jax Beekeepers
Honey Tasting
7:00 Free outdoor showing of Jerry Seinfeld's, "The Bee Movie"
Paint a ceramic bee plate with Morning Glory Fire Arts
(Reservations required for pottery only. $10.00

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